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We cordially invite you to attend the conference!

The inaugural conference of the Polish group of innovative professionals using TRIZ methodology will be held on October 15-16, 2015 in Kielce. If you want to learn more, we cordially invite you to attend - register today!
If you want to learn about practical ways of using TRIZ do not miss the opportunity and sign up for the second day of the conference, when our key speaker, Simon Litvin PhD will lead a case study innovation workshop.

What is an innovation and what  TRIZ has to do with it

Innovation can be described as a new solution of a problem, more beneficial than previous ones. Problems can be solved in two ways: systematically or chaotic. Unfortunately, the majority is using the second method, which take much more time and do not guarantee the right solution TRIZ (Theory for Innovative Problem Solving) ,that was created for developing the most optimal solutions, has gained recognition of the most innovative engineers form all around the world.

Who uses TRIZ

Through using TRIZ companies such as Samsung, Intel or Toyota are the world leaders in patent grants. TRIZ is also used by many other innovative companies. Due to its integrational potential TRIZ can be effectively combined with Lean, Six Sigma or Kaizen, and its implementation is easier than you think.




Registration for the conference is open.

Our speakers

Quality is our no. 1 priority, that is why we invited world class, experienced professionalsstrong>
For the first time in Poland the lectures will be performed by:
(learn more about the speaker by clicking on him)


Simon Litvin PhD

GEN3 Partners

Boston, USA

Oliver Mayer PhD

General Electric

Munich, Germany

Oleg Abramov PhD

Algorithm LTD.

St. Petersburg, Russia


Is this conference appropriate for me

If you agree with any of the sentences below, you should attend. The only limit is the number of available attendants – 200.



  Konferencja współfinansowana jest prze Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego Program Operacyjny
Innowacyjna Gospodarka, 2007-203, w ramach projektu pn. "Wsparcie efektywnego wykorzystania własności przemysłowej
w Innowacyjnej gospodarce". POIG.05.02.00-00-004/10