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Quality is our no. 1 priority, that is why we invited world class, experienced professionals.
For the first time in Poland, the lectures will be performed by:
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Simon Litvin, PhD

GEN3 Partners

Boston, USA

Simon Litvin is one of the world's foremost experts on TRIZ, Value Engineering, and Open Innovation. He has more than 40 years of experience developing, teaching, and implementing innovative methods. Litvin is one of the architects of advanced TRIZ methodology - TRIZplus™ and GEN3 TRIZ™. Litvin was a direct student and close colleague of TRIZ founder Genrich Altshuller.


Oliver Mayer, PhD

General Electric

Munich, Germany

In 2004, dr Oliver Mayer joined GE Global Research Europe as senior scientist for solar energies and was promoted to Sr. Principal Scientist in 2008. His areas of expertise are renewable technologies & grid integration and innovation methodology. He regularly gives lectures as a full professor at Technical University Munich (TUM), Univ. of Applied Science München and Regensburg.


Oleg Abramov, PhD

Algorithm LTD.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr Oleg Abramov is a senior principal at Algorithm Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia. At Algorithm he managed over 60 successful innovation consulting projects for companies such as Xerox, FMC, Intel, Hilti, Honda, and BAT. In 2006 the MaxBeam75 Smart Antenna by Airgain, developed by Abramov’s team, received an award from the government of California as the most innovative product of the year. Dr Abramov is an author of over 30 granted patents and over 25 scientific papers in radio engineering and TRIZ.


Łukasz Syska

TRIZ Polska Fundation

Kielce, Poland

Soon more details


Jan Boratyński

TRIZ Polska Fundation

Kielce, Poland

Thanks to his initiative and the cooperation with Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, the Polish TRIZ Foundation was created. He is vice-president of the Foundation.
He is also III Level TRIZ Instructor.


Piotr Karendał


Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland

Doctoral candidate of the Social Sciences Department of the Silesian University. From 2013 statistical analyst in Novismo. Author of scientific papers in innovation and TRIZ. Member of the Council of Polish TRIZ Foundation. From the September 2015 official TRIZ Level 1 User.




  Konferencja współfinansowana jest prze Unię Europejską z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego Program Operacyjny
Innowacyjna Gospodarka, 2007-203, w ramach projektu pn. "Wsparcie efektywnego wykorzystania własności przemysłowej
w Innowacyjnej gospodarce". POIG.05.02.00-00-004/10